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About me

Hi, nice to meet you! By finding my website, I assume you're looking for the right person to capture your precious moment and I'm happy to help.

Before we go further, let me introduce myself. I'm Billy, I've been shooting since 2012, I am a portrait photographer first before I fell in love with shooting weddings.


I not only have the ability to capture the natural magic of your wedding, but I also create magic of my own whilst telling the full story of your day. My fun and relaxed approach will make your day as memorable as the images I will provide to you that will create a legacy for your family. I know how important wedding photography is, there's no bigger honor to be entrusted as someone who captures and preserves your most important day of your life.


I am committed to excellence in whatever I do. My main strength as a person is my love and empathy for people. I have had the privilege and honor of many welcoming me into their homes and hearts. As a photographer, I wonder at the trust I am given by the people I photograph who give me a glimpse into their soul and allow me to capture their spirit. It is a precious gift that I don't take for granted but treasure deeply.


My promise is to create beautiful and meaningful photographs for you and your family. I want the photographs I create of you to make people laugh, make people cry and hold their breath. That's my challenge. Your challenge is to resist wanting them all!


I am available to photograph your wedding or portrait anywhere in the United States.


— Billy Fernando



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"Capturing the moments of today,

that will wow your heart tomorrow"

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